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I live and work in the Hudson Valley as a freelance artist and studio assistant to Julianne Swartz. I graduated from Hunter College High School in 2015 and received a BA in Studio Art form Bard College in 2020. 

"[...]Creative projects were always important to me, but at a certain point they became essential. Having a portable practice meant that I could take my safe place anywhere. When I developed a serious autoimmune disease in high school, my world became even smaller. Living one’s entire life from home is not new for those with chronic illness.  I found great comfort in having control over physical materials and spaces when I had so little control elsewhere. Repetitive mark making became a therapeutic measure, though I never considered it fine art.“Small Packages” is meant to validate the hobbies, crafts, and coping mechanisms that I’ve developed by putting them together to create something substantial."


-from my senior thesis "Small Packages"

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